In fall, 2019, during my residency at the Siena Art Institute, I performed and filmed
Biathlon Pittorico, Siena, roller skiing on the ribbed stone of the old city. At the time,
Siena had been nominated for the title of European City of Sport it held in 2021.
For the choice of locations, I looked to the finishing segment of the bicycle race Strade
which concludes with the steep climb to the old city center, Il Campo. I was also
mindful of the history and traditions of the Sienese neighborhoods, contrade, whose
representatives compete in the famed horse race, the Palio di Siena, which continues to
underpin civic life and identities of the citizenry. While stopping to paint, I frequently
attracted attention of the locals and tourists alike, who approached me to talk about my
paintings and my gear. Roller skis, as it happens, originated in Northern Italy, where they
are still manufactured.